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We employ a number of staff on a full and part time basis to provide an uninterrupted sales and support service to our customers. We believe in offering the most reliable and professional hosting solutions on high performance gaming servers at an affordable cost.

Vilayer was founded in 2008 and went live 2009, many advances and improvements have taken place to ensure all our customers receive the best possible service and support. We currently run a large number of Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Servers, Cloud Hosting, Game Servers, Voice Servers and Dedicated Servers, all with branded hardware from Dell, HP, IBM and SuperMicro to ensure our online gaming servers are of the highest quality.

We were among the first companies in Europe and the USA to offer fully automated hosting solutions and we continue to lead the market through the constant development of our proprietary hosting technologies.

We pride ourselves on our after-sales technical support. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is available from 9am – 6pm to answer any queries you may have.

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Whether you need a fast, reliable and affordable hosting company to host your company or personal gaming website, we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed if you choose us today.


  1. I order a server and 2 days later I get my server…… their network is so congested I’m not sure it’s even optimal for gaming, my friend and I are demanding a refund but doesn’t seem were going to get it… my opinion I have never seen such bad service from a company before that we should report them to the Better business bureau for fraud.

    • Sorry but we do not offer refunds for customer error. We hope you find a new host.

      ViLayer Support

  2. So to anyone looking for a good DayZ host, avoid Vilayer at all costs unless you don’t mind being insulted if you can’t figure something out. Which I actually did, I fixed all of the things I broke except one by the time they got back to me.

    I just didn’t know where anything was and they were SO RUDE, all I can do now is hope Paypal sides with me on the dispute as I paid for 30 days and I only used them for about 3. Vilayer was really unfriendly

    • Sorry but we do not offer refunds for customer error. We hope you find a new host.

      ViLayer Support

  3. Their low price is very tempting but they have alot of improving to do. They advertise 24/7 support, but every ticket that I have put in takes 2-3 days to get answered. I could not access 2 of my servers via FTP, its been a week now and they have not fixed the problem. Their prices are the lowest but beware, you get what you pay for.

  4. Great service had me set up in no time and the after service fantastic had a small problem they went out of there way to help what a great service

  5. These guys are TERRIBLE, stay well away from them. As someone stated before, their network is overly congested and support is soooooo slow, took them over a week just to fix a simple thing like bec (battleye cextended controls) then when they did, it was set to kick anyone with tags, lost half of my player base in a day. Second server always froze for a second or 2 every 10 seconds and then would freeze completely. This was on a 25 slot arma server LOL. Should be able to run that on a celeron processor. absoloute morons Stay well away

    This company is the worst I have ever used and I have used lots. I tried these guys out for the DayZ SA servers as they seemed to pop up everywhere and their website seemed very tidy and well made. I really wish I had done my homework 1st on these guys.

    Firstly make sure to read everywhere on their website before ordering anything as there is lots of information that is not very obvious, lots of information that is very misleading and very badly linked together.

    Their clan packages just seem too good to be true and that is exactly what they are. They don’t allow all games they make out they support on the clan packages and they make you submit a ticket (which they will take minimum 24-48 hours to reply to) to get a teamspeak 3 server AND you have to provide your own ‘non profit license’ file from Teamspeak for which Teamspeak are not even issuing out anymore at time of writing this.

    Then on to their support. Lets be honest, anyone who’s rented a game server or any kind of service hosted on a server know full well and pretty much expect there to be some down time or issues from time to time, the two kind of go hand in hand. And that means you need to contact support to get issues resolved.

    This is where Vilayer completely fall over sideways. Their support is almost non-existent. You make a support ticket and they will generally take 24-48 hours to reply to it IF YOUR LUCKY, and then you may say get a reply saying OK we will check out your problem, you then have to wait ANOTHER 24-48 hours for the next reply. It can go on and on and on before you get your issue resolved IF you do.

    They have phone numbers on their website for support ‘ALL’ of which are disconnected or non existent phone numbers so phone support is not even an option.

    Then you have email support, yay !! Not a chance, you write them an email and guess what, it just pops up in your support section on their website as if you had put in a ticket AND dealt with in the exact same way, i.e. it does not get dealt with.

    They also offer Teamspeak support, this I thought to begin with was a very nice touch, little did I know at that time. The ViLayer Teamspeak will generally have 5 -10 ViLayer customers with their ticket numbers as their name as it asks you to do on joining sitting in a channel waiting to speak to someone, and guess what, they never come in their teamspeak, see for your self. ts3server://

    Then there is the refund situation.

    I asked for a refund for over a week, the server they provided me with kept randomly crashing and they would not reply to my tickets to help me get it to work correctly, so I just thought enough is enough, asked for my money back and am still yet to see it. They first cheekily told me I was asking for a refund for a reason that did not count ? So the service I’m renting doesn’t have to actually work ? lol, then I complained more and more and they finally escalated the ticket. I thought ok at last I’m getting somewhere now, then 2 days past and still no response, so I asked what is happening and was told the billing department were still deciding if I should get a pro rata refund as I used my server oO ?? So me trying it out apparently counted as it being used and means I can not get a full refund ? lol

    So this carried on for a further week, I sent in more tickets asking what was happening and no reply at all, then I decided I will make a further reply, they then tell me I am bumping my ticket and that is why it is not being replied to ? This was complete rubbish as I had left plenty of tickets for over 48 hours with no reply even at all. How was I going to get my refund if they never reply and I never reply ? lol

    The whole situation was a complete joke and the best was yet to come.

    I decided to send a ticket via email to the billing department asking for a refund and cc’d the mail to the admin email in hope some one of authority might see it too, and basically asked for a full refund and quoted things form their site explaining about a 30 day money back guarantee ect, 48 hours later I get a reply saying the matter was being escalated to senior billing and that I would only get a Vilayer credit refund ?? oO As you can imagine I was and still am completely livid, why on earth would I want ViLayer credit ? I will never use this company again ever even if they were the only hosting company left on earth, I would rather quit gaming.

    This matter is still not resolved 2 weeks after the start of my issues and does not seem any closer to being resolved…

    Be warned, ViLayer is a terrible host, has terrible support if you can even call it that and they do not give two cares about their customers, once they have your money that is that by the looks of it, you could almost accuse them of being a type of scam company.

  7. Paid for a server in London. Got one in Serbia. No reply for 3 days.

    Enough said

  8. Fantastic service they bent over backward to help me the server works great I will be getting another server of them soon best service I have ever had to be honest.

  9. Horrible customer service, and don’t bother with their affiliate program. They don’t give you anything worth while. Got them 14 signups for a whopping $4.03. Other companies I have made $56+ for one long term signup. Run by idiots.

  10. Just terrible, worst customer service ever, no company should operate like this, be warned.

  11. Epic bad support! They can’t repair my rented server for 7 days! React to ticket over 24 hours!

  12. Complete lack of customer service. Server down for over 30 hours and no reply. I guess they got my money and could care less

  13. ViLAYER will take your money without providing any service!

    Let see here.

    I paid my monthly fee of 50 odd Australian dollars for my Arma 3 server on the 9th of March 2017.
    At that time the up time of the server was about ~50-60% up which already is bad.

    On the 12th March the server went down, “Status: Unknown” of course.

    14 March, send 1st support ticket and get automated reply back with a ticket number.

    18th March, send a second support ticket.
    No reply.

    22nd March, send yet another support ticket.
    No reply.

    24th March, send one more support ticket
    No reply

    24th March billing department, request money back from ViLAYER billing
    Get an automated reply with ticket number.

    29th March, receive email from ViLAYER that my ticket is closed due to no response from my side for 96 hours!!
    On same day I reopen ticket.

    29th March billing department again inform me my ticket is closed since no reply from me in 96 hours!!
    On same day I reopen the billing ticket.
    Open a claim with PayPal to help out to recover money I’ve been cheated of.

    3rd April, receive email from ViLAYER my ticket is closed due to no response in 96 hours, again.
    Reopen ticket.

    3rd April billing department, receive email from ViLAYER my ticket is closed due to no response in 96 hours, again.
    Reopen ticket.

    Today, which is 3rd of April 2017, checking the control panel and find it to be in “Status: Unknown”


    If you are looking for a server, do your ground work first and look trough various reviews on the net regarding server providers.
    As far as I can read, they have very poor reviews and that should caution you not to make any purchase from ViLAYER.
    Only the reviews on this site should be enough to make you steer clear of ViLAYER services.

    Currently I am using new provider, a little bit more costly but I made my homework and the provider enjoys very good reviews from gamers.
    And so far so good.
    Should they keep up their service as they have done now for a while, I will make a positive review about the provider in a couple of months testing them out.

    Never ViLAYER!
    You have been warned.

  14. Customer service is awful. The CEO could not care about his customers. Staff are rude and unhelpful. The company also lie, stating a product will provision straightway, instead nearly 12hrs later it’s provisioned! Rubbish! I recommend you keep clear of this company. GTXGaming is much better and has a faster service.

  15. server not working for 5 days and still. REALLY REALLY BAD.

  16. Avoid at all costs, worst support ever.

    Only had a server with them for just over a week then it went down, gave up and have gone else where.

  17. Do not put yourself threw the headache . I paid for a dedicated server. They clearly state it can take up to 72hrs to setup . Ok cool no problem right? Wrong. Been almost a week and the response time from there customer support takes well over 24hrs if you put in a ticket. In my opinion stay clear!

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