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Our main goal here at Exodus Hosting is customer satisfaction.
If our customers aren’t happy, we aren’t doing our job.
With great support staff, quality hardware, and the best prices, Exodus Hosting is the best in the game!


  1. Exodus Hosting has been great for the price.
    Server was setup in 5 minutes, the support team is nice, and the server is really fast.
    I’d suggest them to anyone, they’re great for the price.

  2. Pretty much you get what you pay for, I got a 2GB server to have a tekkit server, and it ran brilliantly, with 30 players as a cap, and it didn’t crash. We got more popular, though, and we needed to upgrade, but after every upgrade, our server started to crash…more….and more…which made no sense, a 6GB server should NOT lag with tekkit installed and 40 people online. They also REFUSED to refund me my account credit balance, basically stealing my money and telling me to stop contacting me or they would just ban me and told me that I was “harassing” them and “threatening” them, I figured out just in time that my last payment was in the 3 day window of the “refund time” and they told me the only way they would refund me is, and I quote.

    “I can give you an 80% refund on the $21.73 if you wish. But we ask that you refrain from further bashing and attacking of our company.”

    So, let me get this straight, telling you your service is terrible is bashing and attacking your “company?” Especially when the owners live in boston and oregon, and have it registered to a phone number that 147,000 other websites are registered to, and that they claim to be in PA from the registrant, and the IP they are registered to is out of canada…I’m pretty sure there is a law against how much they are lying in this whole thing. As the other poster said, this service is a con-artist and if you make a scathing review of their pathetic service on their site they will take the review down and then ban you because of it.

    – Owners of EndSiege

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