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Here at our passion is gaming and our goal is simple, to provide you with high quality, top of the line hardware running at breakneck speeds to give you the best possible ping and smoothest gaming experience at an affordable price. We take pride in what we do and love to see communities around the world brought together by online gaming, regardless of whether you‘re an advanced user or just a casual gamer wanting to play with a few of your buddies we believe that running a server shouldn‘t be a hassle!


  1. Unfortunately I didn’t have a service with this company, so I can’t review their service, prices or quality of support pertaining to their gameservers. But I did have an affiliate account with them to promote their company on this website. And over a couple years, I have accumulated $59.52 in commission. I attempted recently to request a payout of this commission, and I received an email from support denying the payout. We had a conversation back and for with someone named Alfred Berger, who when asked why I wasn’t able to get the commission I earned, I was told because the customer terminated the service. And he further mentioned that only some payouts can be granted if the service is still active. This is rather strange to me, because over time, all of the customers they have, will at sometime terminate their service, and then by their words, any commission earned is no longer valid for payout. So what I take from this you can never get a payout of any commission because all services are terminated over time, and they use this to refuse payouts. I take this as a scam by offering a affiliate commission, and refusing to payout any earned commission. When conversing with Alfred, he was very quick to reply to support tickets. When I confronted him and accused them of scamming people, I haven’t heard a peep from him in a couple of days, and am still waiting.

    I can only conclude that this is the way they do business, and I recommend avoiding doing business with this company if you interested in becoming an affiliate.

    • As a follow up to the above review, these guys decided instead of coming clean about their scamming people instead of paying out earned commission, they have closed my account now claiming I was violating their terms. I guess confronting them about how they scam their customers violates them being outed.

      Avoid these scammers.

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