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Fragnet is a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software. Our network infrastructure spans six data centres and is host to more than 1000 hosted gaming services.

A good network, though, is nothing without quality hardware. Our machines use only high end enterprise components. This ensures great reliability and performance of every service we offer.

Since the beginning we have worked tirelessly to provide a quality of service unmatched in our industry, not only in the services we offer but in the support we provide to each and every customer.


  1. I really couldn’t bring myself to go higher than 3.5/5. We started up a L4D2 server with Xfactor after it was purchased by Fragnet, and the server was installed fairly quickly. When Xfactor was then transferred over to Fragnet, we were told we could retain our servers and ip’s, but on the day of the change, our server went down for over 2 full days. We they finally got it back up, they moved it from Chicago to Amsterdam, causing us to lose money on advertising. After a lot of bitching, they moved me back to Chicago and had to start over with a new ip. Extremely disappointed with this take over.

  2. My review of Fragnet after almost 1 yr.

    Initially we were with Xfactor with some of our servers, and we over time dropped down to one L4D2 server, purchases in Nov. 2009. At the time, Xfactor was fantastic with their service and support. Down the road, the company was purchased by Fragnet. Initially we were promised a smooth transition as the servers were converted to the new host. We were promised minimal downtime, and no loss in the transition. As well as retaining our current IP’s. Well things didn’t go smooth. Ours as well as others servers went down, and it took several days to clean up the mess. We were compensated for our downtime which was a plus. When our server was restored, we found out that we lost everything, we had a new IP, and we were moved from Dallas to Amsterdam. What a cluster fuck. Their reasoning was that in the transfer of ownership, Fragnet couldn’t retain Xfactors existing servers. So we had to start completely over.

    Since the time of the takeover, till now, we have seen occasional game server outages, control panel outages and full website outages. Though minimal, they did happen more than once.

    Most recently, we have seen issues where after a L4D2 update has been released, the server would constantly crash on map changes. This left the server down most of the day for over a week as no one was able to restart the server because most of us were at work during the day. Story is that it may have been corrupt files on their end and that they had updated the files and suggested reinstalling the entire server. This kind of lead me to the most recent cancellation a week ago.

    We found that their site states that an immediate cancellation can take place within 24 hrs. Turns out that it takes 2-3 days.

    We were then in need of a TS3 server so we used our credit to purchase it. We got the TS3 server and set it up. The next day, I come to find that the TS3 server was terminated. Contacting support, and waiting for them to investigate the problem, they had no answer to why it happened and created a new TS3 server. After a day, we realized we really didn’t need it, so I put in for an immediate cancellation.
    36 hrs later, it still wasn’t terminated, So I contacted support. Talking to staff in a support ticket, I asked how I would go about changing from a TS3 server back to a L4D2 server as there was another update which resolved some of the more recent issues. Nick nicely helped me out and cancelled the TS3 server, and then installed a L4D2 server. Everything was great, and I made all the changes to the server to suite our needs. I also uploaded about 15-17 maps so we could play them the next day. The server was setup on Tuesday, and when returning from work on Wednesday, I come to find that the L4D2 server was terminated. Contacting support again and asking why it is that 2 servers were terminated a day after ordering them and setting them up.

    Till now, no one has provided me with a clear answer. They claim I placed a L4D2 cancellation and that’s why it was terminated. That cancellation was for the previous L4D2 server we had and not for the newest one. 3 days later and still no server. Arguing in support on what has happened has cleared up nothing.

    My experiences lately haven’t been great lately.
    Disappointing on how customers are treated after being a customer for more than 3 yrs.
    I just became to frustrated arguing with them and I have to cut my losses and move on.
    Financially it’s only a small amount, but I was hoping to use it up, but seems I will have to give that up too.

  3. I’ve read all your comment and reviews and that’s why I’ve been with Fragnet for the last 48h I was with fluctis and I had too much lag with no support so I switch here. First of all the cost are higher than elsewhere so I tough that the performance and support was amazing. Well it’s not I’ve write 6 ticket in the first 48h to help and bug and the only answer I get every time is reset your server and update your plugin. They don’t help at all they keep repeating this and I’ve put another ticket 4h ago no answer they just ignore me. This provider is well over rated. I had lag with fructis but at least my server never crash for no reason and not even an error from my console.

    So please take care if they chose them you probably can find a cheaper server that will have a better support somewhere else keep searching.

  4. Absolutely terrible.
    Terrible customer support.

  5. They have improved significantly over the years. Great service, especially customer service. My CS:GO servers als ohave very low latency compared to and gamed, making players choose our servers instead of competing communities.

    Thank you Fragnet!

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