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Here at SwedishHost you can rent quality servers with top-notch performance to give you the competitive edge in each game. You can choose from different subscription plans with a range between 1 hour up to 6 months at a time. You are also free to choose your own settings for each server such as name, slots, passwords and much more. When you choose SwedishHost to be your server provider you can always feel confident that you have chosen a reliable provider with the customers satisfactory in mind.

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  1. Our community rent all our servers from Swedishhost, we got about 30 gameservers. We tried some other hosts like E-S and Rocketblast but noone of the mentioned could provide us with the kind of service we needed.

    We prioritate the overall service and the server quality the most and Swedishhost got both. We get fast help when there is a problem with our servers and they have the highest quality in scandinavia.

    And all this to a bit cheaper price than e-s have but a little bit higher than Rocketblast.

  2. Is just the best minecraft and teamspeak 3 servers in europe.

    Swdishhost are the best with operators like tsic, level3, netnod etc.

  3. Thay have the best servers in the world to be honest.
    Best AntiDDoS in the world without any downtime for gamers!

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