Do you think we’re kidding?

It would be unrealistic for us to list them all in our shopping cart because of the man hours and psychosis that such epic data entry would induce, but be assured:

If you can buy it, download it, install it, play it, rage quit it, get zerg-rushed on it, and get owned by 12 year old kids who are *probably* cheating at it, you can rent it from us.

Aside from the list below, you can view a more updated version at of the games that have dedicated server support. You might just find a new game you love. If it’s on here, 99% chance we host it or can host it.
All servers are powered by TCAdmin.

As the leading admin management console, TCAdmin provides easy, intuitive controls to manage all your game servers here at TCAdmin was designed from the ground up to help today server admins complete control over their servers. With built in features for voice control, game control and a feature packed module, TCAdmin offers you total control over game and voice servers.

Visit the official TCAdmin website and give their demo a try and see how easy it will be to manage your servers here at
You will find the right server location with us.

It’s important for you to have low ping and high performance, so we have data centers spread across the United States with emerging centers in Europe. With a head office located in Dallas Texas, has grown over the years and have spread operations to include the following cities, with more expansions planned in the future. Currently we have servers in

Dallas, Texas
New York City, New York
Chicago, Illinois
Los Angeles, California
Atlanta, Georgia
Paris, France
Falkenstein, Germany

In the future, we hope to expand to more locations across Europe and North America.

Ventrilo servers are offered in 21 locations.
Free Redirect Hosting with any server purchase that supports redirects. Free mysql hosting if needed, free Vanity URL/A record(e.g. to connect to your game server)free email addresses, even free full featured Cpanel web hosting for clan sites.

Order any server that supports redirects and we’ll give you a free redirect ftp account. Just email us after the purchase or put in a support ticket for the login information.

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  1. If you look at any review sites for gsp reviews, and search for Jestservers, you’ll find that there’s a common opinion about them. When you’re renting one of their servers, you’re not treated like a customer, you’re treated like a friend.

    Add to that, rapid responses to even the dumbest of questions (I’ve had some dumb ones, when I first started renting my minecraft server a year and a half ago.), super stable servers, and excellent mod packages at competitive pricing.

    When I first started renting my minecraft server, a friend of mine played on mine, then went and started his own on a cheaper provider. It all seemed good for him, at first. But after a week, he had to petition for a refund due to some truly annoying performance issues. Ultimately, my choice became the clear winner.

    After a year and a half of minecraft hosting, and now having a Terraria server up, I wouldn’t even dream of choosing another provider.

    I run game servers simply because I like people to join them, build on them, and experience the modifications I place on the server, like the multitude of plugins I have run and specially tailored on my minecraft server. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and Jest (the owner of Jestservers), has personally helped me figure out my mistakes.

    In looking back on it, I realize that he didn’t have to help me do half the things I asked of him, that was micromanagement that was MUCH beyond the server hosting. He also, probably, had no better idea than myself, what HE was doing. Yet, he’d figure out what I’d done wrong, but spending some time learning the plugins I was trying to use, and then explaining it to me.

    It’s stories like that, all over the internet, which make it clear why Jestservers is less a service, and more a friendship.


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