EVL Gaming has a rich history or providing quality gaming services to the community for almost three years. We humbly began our hosting endeavors by creating a large multi-gaming community. A group of laid-back gamers who wanted to play for fun and enjoy the social aspect of gaming.. and of course we wanted to pwn them n000bs!

Not only did we provide our community (of about 50-60 players at the beginning) with quality hosting, and administration, we also began to provide the same quality product to our sister communities.

After a year of hosting bliss, we realized that we needed to get serious about our business.

With the help of our investors, and a wee-bit of luck, we started to build our fully-owned infrastructure, and registered ourselves as EVL Gaming, LLC in the state of Arizona.

EVL Gaming is operated by Network Professionals who know their industry inside and out. Not only have we played each and every single one of the games we offer hosting for, but you’ll typically catch us tinkering around on our own servers when we’re not helping out our fantastic customers. This helps us keep up to date with not just official news from game developers, but also helps us stay informed about the latest and greatest community achievements. Whether it be new plugins, or new game play types, chances are we know about them.

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