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It seems Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) has gone into hiding after frauding his customers of their money. Customers have come to find that they continued to pay their invoices at the required dates, only to find one day that their dedicated servers were shutdown anyway. Contacting Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) through the website support system has turned out to be a total waste of time as Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) doesn’t answer any support tickets, and all the support staff no longer work for him. Or did they, since they were never paid by the dead beat owner who had friends donate their time to answer support tickets. It now seems that the con Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) has taken the money (stolen money) and shut down his website and business completely and left his customers with nothing in return.

Other customers have begun to file small claims lawsuits against this thief, and they ask all of you who lost any amount of money to this thief, to take the same action. Don’t allow low lifes like Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) to startup as game server providers only to build up a large customer base, have many paying customers, and then shut the doors and run of with your hard earned money. Sue him and make him feel the pain.

Everyone stand up against these losers and sue his ass!!!!

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