hfbservers.com Fraud

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It seems Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) has gone into hiding after frauding his customers of their money. Customers have come to find that they continued to pay their invoices at the required dates, only to find one day that their dedicated servers were shutdown anyway. Contacting Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) through the website support system has turned out to be a total waste of time as Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) doesn’t answer any support tickets, and all the support staff no longer work for him. Or did they, since they were never paid by the dead beat owner who had friends donate their time to answer support tickets. It now seems that the con Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) has taken the money (stolen money) and shut down his website and business completely and left his customers with nothing in return.

Other customers have begun to file small claims lawsuits against this thief, and they ask all of you who lost any amount of money to this thief, to take the same action. Don’t allow low lifes like Anthony Henson (CEO of HFB Servers) to startup as game server providers only to build up a large customer base, have many paying customers, and then shut the doors and run of with your hard earned money. Sue him and make him feel the pain.

Everyone stand up against these losers and sue his ass!!!!

UNIT Servers LLC Merger With EdgeGameServers™

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UNIT Servers – High Quality Hosting Services

Attention UNIT Servers customers, ( Breck Demers (GSP Reviews) )

We are happy to announce that UNIT Servers has merged with Edge Game Servers ™! This merger will allow us to offer more services in order to better serve the needs of our many 
customers, such as the ability to rent VPS's and VDS's & Much more!

For the majority of our clients this merger will result in no change of operations or interruption of service. However, one thing to note is that customers who have servers in our Chicago 
location will see their IPs change. Besides this, no other server changes will occur as a result of these changes.

The billing panel system will be changing over, and all customers should be recieving their new info for the panel by email within the next 3 days.

We are excited to offer new services to better serve you with this merger. Any questions about the process can be directed through the usual support channels.

UNIT Servers

Best Regards,

Benjamin Sakhai
UNITServers LLC CEO & Founder. (EdgeGameServers™ CEO & Owner. )

9:55am Friday, 15th March 2013

GreenmanGaming EA Deals

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2: $4.95

Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam: $4.95

Crysis: $5.95

Crysis 2: $8.95

Mass Effect: $5.95

Mass Effect 2: $5.95

Xfactorservers – New exciting times

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Dear Valued Client of XFactorservers,

My name is Daniel Ohberg and I am the founder of the game server provider Fragnet. I am very pleased to inform you that XFactorservers has been acquired by Fragnet and that we are looking at very interesting future!
Fragnet Networks AB is a global provider of game hosting solutions, purely hosting on high-end enterprise hardware and premium networks. We never cut any corners and our ambition is to go beyond every expectation.
Thanks to our high quality services and unrivaled support, Fragnet is ranked number ONE on review sites such as http://www.gsprating.com. Our team consists of 6 dedicated techs, providing fast and responsive support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (366 this year actually). The XFactorservers staff will join the Fragnet Support crew, where the combined efforts will greatly improve our service and support.

We have invested in a lot of new machines, using Intelʼs new high-performing E3-1270 CPU. All of XFS clients will be migrated to the new hardware during March, providing an ultimate hosting platform for high performance game servers.
We will work to make this transition as seamless as possible, and minimize the impact that this migration has on your service. We have already established numerous arrangements with our Hosting Providers to ensure that this can be carried out quickly and efficiently, while maintaining not only your Server Files but your IP Addresses as well.

You will get to enjoy faster machines, premium gaming networks, unrivaled support and in the end – more time for gaming!
Besides the existing locations, we will also add Seattle (US) and Stockholm (Sweden) to the network map.

To celebrate the new joint venture, all XFS clients – old AND new – have been awarded a $10 credit, which has been added to Your billing account.

We will send more information about upcoming changes well in time before implementing them. Your service will to continue to run just as before!

Yours truly,

Daniel Ohberg
Managing Director
Fragnet Networks AB – Game Hosting Solutions
Web: http://www.fragnet.net

PingPulse, LLC Closing Down

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Dear PingPulse Clients,

PingPulse, LLC will be going out of business on April 5TH 2012. If you have any services with us please do not pay your invoice or services. Anyone that is 3 months 6 months and 12 months will be given you the money back for the months you have not used yet so please open a ticket with the billing and we will make sure you get taken care of.


If you have Web Hosting or Voice server, we will still be hosting them as we are just closing down the game server’s part of PingPulse.



PingPulse, LLC

Price Comparison Page Updated

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* Updated – Clanwarz Pricing (Dec. 31/11)
* Updated – Hypernia Pricing (Jan. 3/12)
* Updated – Killer Gameservers Pricing (Jan. 18/12)
* Updated – Jestservers Pricing(Jan. 18/12)
* Updated – Nfoservers Pricing (Jan. 25/12)
* Removed – Left 4 Dead (Jan. 25/12)

Price Comparison Page Updates

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* Recently Added – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
* Removed – AA2 & AA3 Honor since no longer supported
* Updated – Clanwarz Pricing

Merry Christmas & A Safe New Year

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GSP Reviews would like to wish you all a fantastic Merry Christmas, and a safe and enjoyable New Year to come.

BF3 Update Nov. 22/11

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Patch notes for Nov 22 patch
Major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms.

The update will be made on Nov. 22nd 7:00 AM UTC / Nov. 21st 11:00 PM PST.

We’ll share release timing on the console patches as soon as we are clear on the timing, these take a bit longer due to console certification process.

—- Client-Side Changes:

— Visuals, Stability and Performance Fixes:

• General performance and loading time improvements
• “Black Screen” fix for an issue occurring on some PC Configurations
• Stereo and Rendering Support for Nvidia and AMD Graphics Cards
• Adjusted the “stuttering” encountered on some PC configurations.
• Fixed several Crashes when joining MP and Co-Op sessions
• Fixed multiple problems when using multiple monitors (Eyefinity / Surround).
• Fixed visual corruption issues on certain Nvidia Cards
• Improved loading times for certain textures
• Added console command “GameTime.MaxVariableFps” to limit max FPS
• Added console command “UI.DrawEnable” to hide UI for screenshots / videos

— Balance and Gameplay Adjustments (PC)

• Fixed a problem with high speed mouse movement
• Added back some missing Growlers on Kharg Island Conquest Large
• Added back EOR sound for SQDM and TDM
• You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position
• Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it(note the affect this will have on Hardcore mode!)
• Spawn protection now should work in Conquest. You should no longer spawn on points too close to enemies
• You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM and SQDM
• Combat areas on Kharg Rush tweaked in order to disallow defenders to access the carrier ship after 1st base is taken and being able to enter the AA gun
• Fixed a problem with revived players not suffering suppression
• Fixed a problem with the camera when being revived in COOP
• Added joystick deadzone setting
• Fixed sound for when climbing ladders
• Fixed an issue with some weapon sounds in first person
• Fixed a swim sound loop error
• Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns, AA guns, and Jet Cannons against infantry
• Increased the damage of Helicopter Miniguns against jeeps.
• Reduced the physics impact of AA guns and Jet Cannons, players under attack from these weapons should no longer lose control.
• Increased the damage of the 44 Magnum slightly.
• Increased the range and minimum damage of the .357 Round from the MP412 Rex.
• Increased the range of all .45cal and 9mm weapons.
• Slightly increased the range of the P90 and MP7 and PDW-R.
• Slightly increased the range of the 5.56mm PDW-R and decreased the minimum damage at long range.
• Slightly increased the minimum range of the Mk11, SVD, and M39 EMR 7.62mm rifles.
• Decreased the maximum damage and maximum range of the G3 and SCAR-H 7.62mm weapons.
• Reduced the damage from FIM-92 and SA-18 IGLA missiles against aircraft.
• Increased the damage and range of the 40mm BUCK rounds.
• Reduced the damage .50cal weapons do against Helicopters.
• Updated T90 canister shell tweaks to match Abrams canister shells
UI Changes (PC)
• Added round duration and ticket summary at EOR
• Advanced squad polish – should be more intuitive
• Significant changes to the Join Squad functionality (see below)
• Fixed a problem regarding keybindings while playing
• You should now get a better error message when being disconnected via Battlelog

—- Server Update Highlights

• EOD Bot exploit fix
• Several crash fixes
• Anti-stat padding measures taken, disallowing ranked servers to run obscure settings
• Improved team kill kick configuration
• Support for unranked servers. Unranked servers do not report players’ scores to Battlelog, but server administrators can freely control all settings

— Share your profile and stats with new Battlelog functionality

• Ability to share your Profile and Stats pages to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
• User Profile and Stats pages on Battlelog can now be accessed without being signed in to Battlelog if you know a user’s URL
• Single sign on from Battlelog to Origin. If you’re not logged in to Origin and join a game server, Battlelog will automatically sign you in to Origin in the background and join the game server

— Quick notes on Squad changes in the Nov 22 update

• Removed FIND ME A SQUAD option
• Allow players to join empty Squads alone, thus having 1/4 squad members
• Change order of options to LEAVE SQUAD, INV A FRIEND, SWITCH TEAM
• Disable Privacy flag when 1 man squad
• Reset Privacy flag from Private to Public when squad drops to 1 player
• All occupied Squads will now show up colored blue on the Squad Selection screen
• Players who choose not to join squads will also show up as Blue in the “Not in a Squad” line
• Squads that are currently empty will display as white — if you wish to join an empty Squad, you can choose the first one marked with white text

— A detailed look at Squad refinements

A detailed look at Squad refinements

Today’s PC client patch features numerous tweaks to Squad functionality and is part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier to play with friends and Platoon mates. These changes will also be implemented for consoles when we release the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 updates shortly. Stay tuned for the exact date of the console updates.

First, we need to look at how joining with Squads and Platoons affects the balance of teams. Initially, servers are commanded to equal out each side, so joining with friends can impact that balance while joining with Platoons further hinders this. As a result we have made some adjustments to the in-game Squad management screen.

For PC, you are now able to highlight the various Squads and select which one you wish to join by selecting a Squad and then clicking the Join Squad button. Please note that the Squad Privacy option still allows 2 man Squads which, during 64 player sessions, can lead to players with no squad position –- the number of people with no Squads will be shown at the bottom of the Squad selection list.

After the patch is applied to consoles (in the near future) you will be able to join Squads by cycling through the list and selecting which Squad you wish to join.

BF Beta Server Testing

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We had an opportunity to test several companies beta servers to see how they performed while running the Caspian map with 64 slots.

You can see our ratings and notes below.

0/10 – MyIS – Screen was black and not able to play.
1/10 – Art of War – they had to be the worst for lag and stuttering.
3/10 – Gameservers – as I expected, laggy as per all the other servers I played of theirs.
9/10 – Branzone – Seemed to run about the same as NFO servers
9/10 – NFOServer – Performed very well, but had the occasional spike or freeze.
10/10 – MultiplyPlay – No lag found at all and ran really smooth.

For per slot prices, check out or comparison page:  http://www.gspreviews.com/gspprices.html

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